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              Emporis Skyscraper Award 2019

              The skyscraper of the year: Prestigious Emporis Skyscraper Award goes to Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg

              Hamburg, November 10, 2020 – The Emporis Skyscraper Award, one of the world’s most renowned prizes for high-rise architecture, goes to a project in Russia for the very first time in its 20-year history. The 462-meter-high Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, designed by GORPROJECT and RMJM, is not only the tallest building in Russia, but is the tallest building in Europe and the fourteenth tallest building in the world.

              When choosing the Lakhta Center as its favorite, the jury was impressed by the skyscraper's unusual form. The exterior structure of the building consists of five wings that rotate almost 90 degrees. The twist creates a dynamic impression, giving the building the shape of a blazing flame, which resembles the logo of Gazprom, the natural gas producer that has taken up its new headquarters inside the building. The skyscraper was also able to score points with the jury due to its use of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies. As the northernmost supertall skyscraper in the world, the building is exposed to extreme temperatures. A double skin fa?ade prevents unnecessary heat loss and makes it extraordinarily energy efficient. In addition, thanks to the innovative use of infrared radiators, excess heat is not lost but fed back into the system.

              Voted into second place, was the Leeza SOHO in Beijing. The unique office building with its round shape and twisted inner core was one of the last projects by star architect Zaha Hadid before her death in 2016. Especially striking to the jury was the atrium of the tower, which runs through the entire building from top to bottom and elegantly divides it into two halves. With a height of 194 meters it is also the highest atrium in the world. The continuous glazing of the atrium ensures that the building is flooded with light and allows an exceptional view into the building as well as to the busy streets of Beijing.

              In third place is 35 Hudson Yards in New York. The skyscraper is located in Manhattan and is part of a major Hudson Yard construction project bound to reshape the west side of Manhattan. 35 Hudson Yards is the tallest residential building of the Hudson Yards project and includes 143 apartments and a luxury hotel that extends over 11 floors. The 72-story building stood out to the jury particularly due to the use and mix of special building materials. The fa?ade is made of Bavarian limestone and glass, adding to its unique appearance with several setbacks over its full height of 316 meters.
              Lakhta Center - exterior photo

              #1 Lakhta Center (Russia)

              1,516 ft
              St. Petersburg
              RMJM, Gorproject
              Leeza SOHO - exterior photo

              #2 Leeza SOHO (China)

              679 ft
              35 Hudson Yards - exterior photo

              #3 35 Hudson Yards (U.S.A.)

              1,010 ft
              New York City
              Tianjin CTF Finance Centre - exterior photo

              #4 Tianjin CTF Finance Centre (China)

              1,739 ft
              Aurora Melbourne Central - exterior photo

              #5 Aurora Melbourne Central (Australia)

              887 ft
              Elenberg Fraser
              18 Robinson - exterior photo

              #6 18 Robinson (Singapore)

              591 ft
              The Paragon - exterior photo

              #7 The Paragon (U.S.A.)

              515 ft
              One Thousand Museum - looking up

              #8 One Thousand Museum (U.S.A.)

              706 ft
              Omniturm, View from the east. - exterior photo

              #9 Omniturm (Germany)

              623 ft
              Rosewood Bangkok - exterior photo

              #10 Rosewood Bangkok (Thailand)

              507 ft