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              Are you searching for a company in the building industry? Emporis collects corporate data of companies from different sectors of the construction and real estate markets. Browse the different industry sectors for a specific company or contact information.

              Our Premium Companies are visible to all users. Adding your company to our database is a cost-effective way to promote your company.

              Emporis Research allows you to monitor company activity and see which building project is connected to which company and track your competitors. Emporis Research allows you to follow trends in the building industry worldwide.


              Cities with the Most Companies

              # Top city Number of companies Buildings in construction
              1 Hong Kong 7,519 17
              2 New York City 5,836 304
              3 Houston 2,966 79
              4 London 2,542 182
              5 Chicago 2,415 34
              6 Los Angeles 2,052 27
              7 Miami 1,906 42
              8 Toronto 1,823 241
              9 Dallas 1,724 13
              10 San Francisco 1,455 22