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              Media Assistance

              Our Media Relations team helps you to gather information from the Emporis database if you write an article about buildings or the real estate industry. The department provides journalists with complimentary:

              1. definitions of building-related terms,
              2. statistical analysis and trends,
              3. graphs and diagrams,
              4. images and commentary
              The Media Relations team is used to working on time-critical subjects. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of requested material or their timely submission to you. Please allow a response time of up to 48 hours for your request during workdays. General rule: If your request is urgent please give us a call!

              Emporis Germany

              Media Assistance
              Phone:+49 (0)40 609 464 94 0
              Fax:+49 (0)40 609 464 94 9
              Note that you must properly credit Emporis when using our content or basing parts of your work on our information.

              Construction Activity 1980-2011 for high-rise buildings in world cities